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We offers the best option for those, who would like to obtain the maximum income from their rental homes without having to spend their time on answering booking requests and co-ordinating all the rentals. Leave your villa in the hands of a professional company specialised in this activity and enjoy the peace of mind of a nice rental income.
Between owner and our company we sign a rental contract establishing a fixed amount and payment conditions for a certain period of time.
The entire reservation process will be in our hands and owners don’t have to worry about advertising their home on websites or any kind of media. We provide a full service package which includes making photos and video of the property, writing an text that attracts clients, make sure your home is well exposed on all sorts off media. The bookings process, replying to enquiries from potential clients, sending and signing the rental agreement, receive money and pay rent to owners. All this and what more is important to generate good business and make sure the rental is professionally dealt with by us.
We take care of all aspects of commercialising your villa, rental management, deposit and safety control, co-ordination of check ins/outs, cleaning services, laundry, technical services. 
If you wish, we can also take care of garden and pool cleaning, safety of the property as well as preventive maintenance.
Staging your house ready for holiday rental.
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